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Kagora's firelizard, Green Weir and her brown Shepard have buried their clutch out in the landing field of the Weavercraft hall. Serina, Josilyn and A'mon get a new firelizard friend. One of the firelizards makes a rather hairy entrance and Serina nabs her first commission.

Welcome Serina! The shy apprentice!

Kagora meets Serina, the newest apprentice, and the two spend some quality time over the dyevats.

Kagora takes Serina, a new apprentice, to the opening of L'ren's new bookshop. While she conducts craft business Kai, another apprentice, appears. Serina gets a reading assignment, and for her patience she gets a sketchbook to use for her classes.

Equipment Failure! Walk Kessa Walk!

Pipes back up in the Weavercraft hall, leaving weavers of every degree scrambling to protect materials, products and orders alike from stinky, soiled water. Kagora must walk Kessa to Journeywoman in the middle of a crisis!
Kagora is getting ready for an upcoming gather, and shares some scraps with her apprentices to help them along.

Kagora Apprenticemaster WEC

More than any other master besides Naliah herself, Kagora is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to her apprentices. They are more her children than any blood relative. Indeed, the young Master has no young ones of her own. Her sometimes serene, sometimes stern demeanor always insists that her charges are cared for. And the colorful handpainted yukata or kimono worn by her make the woman quite elegant in appearance. 

Kagora has a younger sister, Aoriya, who rides brown Omasuth, and an older brother, Hanabey, a smith with a horrible sense of humor and shameless charm. Very often she will call upon her two bloodkin for favors at the hall. Aoriya is usually willing to oblige, but Hanabey usually will only trade favor for favor, and so his help is less reliable. 

Kagora has three firelizards. Her two greens are the fat and pudgy McKay and the sleek emerald beauty Weir. Her brown, Shepard, is a very distinguished and charming fellow, bold as brass and confident in his every move. Usually one or two or all three of these will be carrying paperwork, orders, and notices around the hall and around Pern for her, and the eggs from her greens are usually made available to the apprentices and journeymen at the hall. 

Kagora is willing to teach any apprentice anything that she can teach them, if they want to learn something advanced, then she will see to it that they learn something advanced. If they wish to start with the basics, then she will start them on the basics. Her encouragement and involvement is a balm to some of the shyer or incoming apprentices. 

When it comes to trips or outings, special events or necessary supplies, Kagora will usually take as close to an even number of new and senior apprentices as possible with her to do the task. However, if the number of new apprentices is larger than the number of senior apprentices involved in a mass trip or lesson, then the Senior apprentices are expected to take responsibility for their classmates. 

Kagora has an assistant, an elderly Journeywoman named Kayde, who despite her age manages to keep pace with her. Kayde remembers when Kagora was an apprentice, and is proud of her former pupil. Kagora's respect for the elderly weaver is just as deep as Kayde's pride in her. 

Kagora's specialty is dyemaking and designing. Teaching apprentices how to make dye, and supervising the production of dyes and the procurement of dye materials is one of her most important duties. Her designs are all handmade, elegant, and go for high prices befitting master made garments. Because of this, she usually has a couple of small markers to spare to make sure her charges are supplied. And scraps from her gownmaking are frequently used in lessons. 

OOC:   Just a little bit of information, tell you a little bit about Kagora. Its nice to meet incoming apprentices.

Kagora Spiderweaver, apprenticemaster, dyemaker and designer

Lisle walks in on Kagora while she's coaching apprentice models, while Kagora finds her new aquaintance a little odd, she's still very friendly...........

Kagora teaches yarn dying and Batik and discusses craft traditions with Omsa, as well as the finding of one's 'niche.'

Lesson Book One

Coming Soon.

Kagora gives Omsa a history lesson dating from the 9th pass of Pern's history..........